Trademark Use and Guidelines

Jacuzzi Brands, LLC, through its subsidiaries, owns many valuable trademarks including the famous Jacuzzi® trademark. Our Company’s trademarks are among its most valuable assets and their proper use is important to us. Please help us protect the value and integrity of our trademarks by adhering to the following guidelines whenever you are referring to our Company’s trademarks or products.

What is a trademark?

Trademarks are words, symbols, designs and logos that inform consumers they are purchasing a product or service originating in one way or another from a particular company or other source. For instance, anytime you see the Jacuzzi® trademark, you will know that the product was manufactured by Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath or by a company following our quality standards and using our trademark under a license.

Proper use of trademarks

Proper use of trademarks involves a handful of basic and easy to apply rules. Proper trademark use is important because it educates consumers, the trade and the general public and avoids confusion. In order to protect and preserve the value of our trademarks, the general rules set forth below should be followed whenever our Company’s trademarks are used.

A. Trademarks are Adjectives

Trademarks are adjectives intended to identify a particular company, or group of related companies, as the source or origin of a product.
Example: You can view our entire line of Jacuzzi® whirlpool baths at our website at

B. Trademarks should not be Used Without an

Associated Generic Product Name
Because trademarks are adjectives that identify the source or origin of the product, they should always be used with the correct generic product name for the product item.

Let’s sit in the jacuzzi.
We know you will enjoy your Jacuzzi.
Let’s sit in the Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath.
We know you will enjoy your Jacuzzi® hot tub.

C. How to Refer to More Than One Trademarked Product

When you are referring to more than a single product item, do not pluralize the trademark. Instead, describe a plural reference to trademarked products by using the plural form of the generic product name.

A new shipment of jacuzzis arrives this week. All hotel rooms have jacuzzis in them.
A new shipment of Jacuzzi® air baths arrives this week. Each room features a Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath.

D. Trademarks Should Not Be Used as Verbs

Because trademarks are adjectives, they must never be used as verbs to describe an activity.

Relax as you jacuzzi your troubles away.
We know you will enjoy your Jacuzzi.
Let your troubles float away while you relax in a Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath.

E. Trademarks Should Not Be Used in the Possessive Form

Nouns are sometimes used in the possessive form. For instance, one might say “This spa’s temperature is perfect.” Because trademarks are adjectives, not nouns, they should not be made possessive. Instead, the generic product name should be made possessive.

This jacuzzi’s standard features include a slip-resistant bottom.
This Jacuzzi® shower system’s standard
features include a slip-resistant bottom.

How can I help to prevent the misuse of the Jacuzzi® trademark?

Follow these guidelines :

  • Report any violations or if you have any questions, please e-mail us at:
  • When reporting trademark violations, please include as much of the following information as possible:
    • Type of establishment (hotel, motel)
    • Address of establishment (at a minimum, include the city and state)
    • Date you observed the violation
    • For magazines, catalogs, and other periodicals (including movies, television shows and radio), please include the name of the periodical, television show, movie, or radio advertisement and the approximate air date.

We appreciate your assistance.