Introducing The New Bravo™ Bath

Bravo-FreestandingChino Hills, CA – (May 2014) – Here at Jacuzzi®, we’re delighted to introduce our newest product, the Bravo™ Bathtub. It is certainly something worth shouting, “Bravo!” about as it presents a state-of-the-art, versatile bathtub experience. This oval-style bathtub will revolutionize your bathroom with its sleek design and revamp your relaxation with its Pure Air® technology.

The Bravo™ Bathtub is the first design in the Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath collection to provide you with the option of two-tone color combinations to best suit your personal preferences and the current color scheme of your bathroom. We let your customize your tub, as you determine which of the six color options you’d like, in addition to offering you bathing well and skirt color choices as well.

However, what makes the Bravo™ Bathtub particularly unique is that it allows for two different installation methods depending on your favored bathing experience and desired look. The first option is the freestanding installation, while the second is the drop-in method.

Bravo-Drop-InThe freestanding approach offers a sleek and contemporary look. With this option, you can spotlight your Bravo™ Bathtub, and make it the focal point of your bathroom suite.

Alternatively, the drop-in bathtub seamlessly transitions into your current bathroom setup. It offers a more traditional approach, while still ensuring an relaxing, and rejuvenating soak.

The Bravo™ Bathtub model features an atheistically pleasing design, while promising you the luxurious benefits you’ve come to appreciate and expect from the Jacuzzi® whirlpool bathtub collection.