Walk-In Showers


Provides a lifetime of style, comfort and relief… safely and affordably.

For more than 50 years, Jacuzzi® Design Engineers have been advancing our highly-engineered hydromassage jets and have now incorporated them into a safe and affordable package: the Jacuzzi® Walk-in Shower.

The Jacuzzi® Walk-in Shower can fit in the space of your existing bathtub or shower, so you can now have a lifetime of enjoyment, comfort and pain relief.

The Jacuzzi® Walk-In Shower

  • Blends safety and hydromassage to keep you healthy and happy in your home
  • Designed to fit in place of a standard bathtub or shower
  • Also comes in compact and large sizes
  • Offers Jacuzzi® Brand hydromassage experience out of the bath or hot tub for first time

As we age, sore muscles, creaky joints and general fatigue is made worse by everything from exertion and stress to arthritis and a number of other ailments.

But, whether you are looking for relief for sore muscles and joints or a relaxing place to shower safely, there is one 100% natural way to feel better… hydrotherapy.

As the world leader in hydrotherapy, we have invented the only shower that features Jacuzzi® Jets. It’s called the Jacuzzi® Walk-In Shower, and it can truly change your life.

  • Thoughtful design of both form and function including a comfortable and moveable seat, high-gloss acrylic surface, hand-held and fixed shower heads and unmatched storage space for big bottles
  • Hydromassage performance that only comes from Jacuzzi® Brand jets
  • Industry-leading safety features include an ultra-low step threshold, slip-resistant flooring, anti-scald water temperature guards and designer grab bars on every wall

Make your shower experience safer and more enjoyable today and be ready for tomorrow with the safety features that help keep you living independently for a lifetime.

Make your bathing experience safer and more enjoyable today!

“…The seating comes down and I can sit and use the Jacuzzi® jets on my back which is ideal…I can sit there and use my handheld shower. And all the cubicles that are here for your soap and your shampoo and whatever else you need, everything is just handy, easy to get to, easy to reach and it’s just a wonderful product.” — Charlene K., CA