Walk-In Bathtubs


There are few greater pleasures in life than a long, hot, relaxing bath. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day and a simple way to relieve aches and pains.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans with mobility concerns know that simply taking a bath can be a hazardous experience. The solution… a Jacuzzi Walk-In Tub. Now you can feel safe… and feel better with every bath.

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The Jacuzzi® Walk-In Tub
Remodel & Replacement
Walk-In Bathtub

Blends safety and hydromassage to keep you healthy and happy in your home. Designed to fit in place of a standard bathtub. Also comes in compact and large sizes.

  • 10 jets bring maximum pain relief
  • Wide-opening, guaranteed leak-proof door
  • New Fast Fill™ faucet – quickest anywhere!

The Finestra® Bathtub
New Construction
Walk-In Bathtub

The Finestra® bathtub is designed for new construction or a complete bathroom remodel. Crafted with precision, it marries luxury and comfort for safe, easy bathing.

  • Up to 10 jets for a relaxing massage
  • Precision-close double seal door
  • Available in white, almond and oyster

Jacuzzi Inc. now offers a simple solution that combines industry-leading safety with their legendary hot tub expertise: the Jacuzzi® Walk-In Bathtub. These unique tubs can make your bathing experience a pain and stress reducing pleasure, keeping you safe and protecting your independence.

Imagine, no more stepping over precarious tub ledges. No more balancing on one leg with nothing to hold onto. Just take a low, safe step into your own personal Jacuzzi® experience through the 100% leak-proof door. Use the grab bars and tall, sturdy tub walls to gently position yourself on the comfortable, raised seat. The controls are at arms level, so no more bending over to turn the water on or off.

Your walk in tub’s door allows for tall tub walls, letting you enjoy neck-deep immersion and the same full body soak as in a natural hot spring or regular hot tub. The in-line water heater maintains your same warm and cozy water temperature for as long as you want to soak.

Would a massage feel good today? It’s yours at the touch of a button. Patented Jacuzzi® Brand hydromassage jets are ergonomically placed to maximize water movement and the healing effects of hydrotherapy, yet fully adjustable to customize your bathing experience to your liking.

Melt away those aches and pains, forget about the outside world for a while and just enjoy some quality ‘me time’. You deserve it.

When you’re done, just open the door and use the grab bar and tub wall to balance yourself and stand up. It’s like getting out of a chair – nothing like climbing up from the bottom of your old tub. The floor is slip-resistant for your safety. Take an easy, low step out of the tub and you’re on your way.

Make your bathing experience safer and more enjoyable today!