The New Duetta® Bathtub Family by Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Offers Modern Design and Features

CHINO HILLS, CA – (June 28, 2016) – Jacuzzi Luxury Bath ( the company that is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year, launches the new Duetta® bath that boasts new jet styles, a new linear overflow and modernizing changes to the bathing well.

The New Duetta® bathtub by Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Offers Modern Design and Features

“The Duetta® Drop-In/Undermount Family is one of our core oval hydrotherapy offerings,” states Erica Moir, Vice President Marketing and New Product Development, “and it was time for us to ensure its relevancy in the marketplace going forward.” Erica continues, “We have streamlined the interior bathing well by eliminating the jet recesses, replaced the jets with low-profile TargetPro™ and SlimPro™ designs, and upgraded the overflow drain cover to our popular linear design.”

The Duetta® Family offers four sizes ranging from 60” x 42” to 72” x 42”. “A total of fourteen jets – four TargetPro™ jets on the sides and ten SlimPro™ jets at the back and feet – offer Aqualibrium™, the perfect mix of air/water for a comfortable massage,” says Nick Ochtman, Product Marketing Manager.

The Duetta® Family is available in Soaking, Pure Air®, Whirlpool and Salon® Spa experiences. List prices start at $1,566.

On the Whirlpool and Salon® Spa models, the patented TargetPro™ Jets offer a sleek aesthetic that is easier to clean and has improved 360-degree air introduction. Furthermore, they offer 60 degrees of adjustment and complete shut-off capabilities. The SlimPro™ jets are ultra-low profile and still offer full adjustability, allowing for a customized experience.

New design, new feature combinations and patented TargetPro™ Jets now available in the Duetta® Bathtub Family

Finally, additional feature combinations are available on all sizes of the Duetta® offering, giving homeowners the ability to purchase the Duetta® design in a wider range of configurations than before.

Media contact: Kristina Spindler, Director of Marketing, Jacuzzi Luxury Bath 1.909.247.2057.

Jacuzzi Luxury Bath proudly celebrates 60 years of fashioning the ultimate bathing experience, since the Jacuzzi brothers first commercialized the submersible whirlpool pump in 1956. The iconic line of Soaking, Pure Air®, Whirlpool and Salon® Spa experience baths continues to provide elevated and luxurious experiences by pushing the boundaries of convention in bathing.

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