Jacuzzi Luxury Bath launches new Heated Soak bathing experience, allowing for a longer soak

The continuous circulation of warm water extends the length of bathing time without having to add more hot water

CHINO HILLS, CA – (March 16, 2017) — Jacuzzi Luxury Bath (https://beta.jacuzzi.com/), the inventor of the hydro-massage bath, launches a new Heated Soak bathing experience to prolong bathing time and maximize the inherent physical benefits of soaking in warm water.

“One of the limitations of a soaking bathtub is that the water cools gradually throughout the bathing session,” said Erica Moir, Vice President Engineering and New Product Development of Jacuzzi Luxury Bath. She continues, “By offering a system that continuously and gently circulates warm water, the Heated Soak system no longer requires the bather to adjust the water level to accommodate more hot water. We feel confident that those who love a long soak will applaud this new Jacuzzi® Brand experience.”

The Heated Soak system is comprised of a quiet pump that gently circulates warm water through two mini jets and a compact suction fitting.  The pump generates heat that transfers to the water, thus maintaining the bath’s temperature.

Joseph Davis, President for Jacuzzi Luxury Bath, adds, “For those who prefer a relaxing soak rather than a heated whirlpool experience, this new feature addresses the issue of cooling water without moving water.”

The Heated Soak experience is now available on Linea®, Elara®, Duetta®, and Bravo™ bathtubs, with more families being added in the future.  This new experience can be further enhanced with the Chromatherapy lighting upgrade.  All Heated Soak bathtubs feature electronic controls as standard equipment.

Jacuzzi® Brand baths in the Whirlpool experience can be upgraded to include an in-line maintenance heater, which serves a similar function.

Media contact: Kristina Spindler, Director of Marketing, Jacuzzi Luxury Bath 1.909.247.2057.


Jacuzzi Luxury Bath proudly celebrates over 60 years of fashioning the ultimate bathing experience, since the Jacuzzi brothers first commercialized the submersible whirlpool pump in 1956.  The iconic line of Soaking, Pure Air®, Whirlpool and Salon® Spa experience baths continues to provide elevated and luxurious experiences by pushing the boundaries of convention in bathing.

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