Jacuzzi Brands Introduces New Swirlpool™ Bathing Experience

The Arga™ bathtub delivers a unique swirling, multi-sensory, hydrotherapy experience.

CHINO HILLS, CA (October 24, 2019) After two years of collaboration between European and North American teams, Jacuzzi Brand is proud to introduce the Arga™ Collection, the first freestanding bathtubs that deliver the Swirlpool™ bathing experience, in the U.S.

The demand for products designed to promote wellness and relaxation is growing as consumers focus on self-care to decompress after work or simply be pampered by a spa-like experience at home. To do this, the Arga™ bathtub’s patent-pending salt infuser makes it easy to enjoy the many benefits of in-home hydrotherapy; from faster exercise recovery to pain relief to skin softening. The experience is further enhanced by the option to add both colored and aromatic salts for a truly unique experience. Specially formulated Jacuzzi® Epsom salts are precisely blended through the patent-pending infuser and delivered into the bathtub through a waterfall. Uniquely designed Swirlpool™ jets mix the salt into the water in a circular motion for a stunning visual effect. This exclusive system comes standard with Illumatherapy lighting and is powered by Whisper+ Technology®, allowing you to only hear the peaceful sound of the slow-moving stream.

Both features are the two latest innovations by Jacuzzi and are poised to be a game-changer in the bathing industry once more. “We see this trend in both new construction and remodeling; bathing products that allow consumers to relax and recharge. What makes the Arga™ bathtubs special is the focus on mineral salts and the importance of making a wellness ritual simple and special,” says Erica Moir, Vice President of Design, Engineering and Marketing. “This enveloping, multi-sensory experience is like nothing else on the market.”

With the Arga™ collection, Jacuzzi leverages more than 60 years of helping consumers feel good through the use of its products. Hydrotherapy is being redefined with the Swirlpool™ bathing experience, evolving beyond a targeted massage to a natural embrace of mineral-rich swirling water.

The Jacuzzi® Arga™ bathtub with Swirlpool™ experience has had tremendous success in Europe since it launched in September 2018. Now with its launch in the U.S. market, consumers will have additional design options with specific aesthetics that appeal to both transitional and contemporary décor styles.

Ferguson has partnered with Jacuzzi for the exclusive distribution of the Arga™ Collection and it is quickly becoming a rising star. It was just featured in this Fall’s Trends & Influences publication and will be their Platinum Spotlight product for October and November 2019.

To learn more about the Arga™ Collection text ARGA to 24466 to download the AR app for IOS and see the Swirlpool™ experience with colored salts in your own space or visit https://www.jacuzzi.com/baths/.

Media contact: Ed Sofia, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Jacuzzi Brands LLC, ed.sofia@jacuzzi.com.

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