Jacuzzi Brand Luxury Bedding Products Launched

Chino Hills, CA, – (July 22, 2010) – Today, Jacuzzi® Inc. celebrates the nationwide launch of luxury bedding products that extend the Jacuzzi brand name beyond hydrotherapy. Under the terms of a licensing agreement, JelSleep LLC will manufacture and market a variety of upscale products under the Jacuzzi™ Bed Collection mark.

Jacuzzi Bed Collection mattresses feature a proprietary comfort layer comprising JelSleep™ technology combined with latex. This exclusive comfort layer is available over four different support structure options: engineered foam, individually wrapped coil, latex or an adjustable air core that allows the consumer to independently adjust the firmness in the head, lumbar and foot sections of the sleep surface. In addition, the Jacuzzi Bed Collection offers adjustable bed frames, pillows and sheets.

“We have looked at a number of Jacuzzi brand extensions over the years to equate the luxury and relaxation experience that made our brand famous. This is the first system that captures the Jacuzzi® brand experience while you sleep,” notes Jacuzzi Group Worldwide CEO, Tom Koos. “We are very excited to be working with JelSleep LLC and look forward to the experience they bring in the luxury bedding product category.”

“We have found a great partner in Jacuzzi who reflects the same commitment to product excellence, health and well-being that is at the heart of the Jacuzzi™ Bed Collection product line,” notes Rick Feingold, President of JelSleep LLC.

The Jacuzzi Bed Collection features the new proprietary and revolutionary JelSleep material, the main ingredient in the new comfort layer, incorporating a patented technology. It automatically bio-adjusts to different body shapes and body temperatures at the same time, creating the ideal sleeping environment.

Research has shown that temperature plays a pivotal role in sleep. Experts note that during sleep, the body naturally tries to cool down to a lower set point. As the body lowers its core temperature, heat is released through the extremities.

JelSleep technology assists in the temperature reduction process, using its heat-diffusing properties to draw excess heat away from the body and dissipate it away from the comfort layer. The self adjusting system allows each individual body to fulfill its own natural desire to lower its temperature when sleeping, a critical factor in getting the quality sleep necessary to regenerate the body and mind for the next day, according to Feingold.

The unique JelSleep material stretches in all directions allowing it to conform to the body without causing it to sink, for optimum body support and proper spinal alignment. Additionally, JelSleep distributes weight evenly, relieving pressure and reducing the body’s need to reposition itself, allowing sleepers the opportunity to wake up free of aches and pains. JelSleep also responds to weight shifts immediately, allowing each sleeper to change positions without disturbing his or her partner. By eliminating endless body movement, both sleepers are better able to enter and maintain deep, restorative sleep, says Feingold.