Installation Types

It’s your sanctuary—personal, serene, and every bit a reflection of you. From a showpiece freestanding tub, to a luxurious upgrade for a cozy alcove, there’s a Jacuzzi® bathtub for every desire.

Watch our video to learn more about our installation types.

Karina Solid Surface Freestanding Bath in White


It’s the beautiful centerpiece of your bathroom suite, fitting perfectly in your personal space of absolute tranquility. Freestanding baths represent both the beauty of the bath and the embrace of the experience.

freestanding diagram


The drop-in bath is the perfect choice when you’re planning a spa-like sanctuary. The bath’s stylish edges and gentle arcs can be accentuated and celebrated in every bathroom suite design.

Drop-In Diagram
Elara Undermount Bath


The undermount bath gives you all the serene pleasures of Jacuzzi bathing while showing off the unique material you’ve chosen for your surface top, whether marble, engineered stone, tile, or solid surface.

Undermount Diagram


Skirted baths are designed to fit into a cozy space … a private area with walls on three sides.

Skirted Diagram


Walk-in baths are designed for bathroom suites where safety is a primary concern. The door seals tight, so there is no leakage, and the seat is generous and accommodating.

Walk-In Diagram