Elongated Toilets

Chino Hills, CA – (April 5, 2011) – What type of toilet shape do you have in your bathrooms at home? Round or elongated? Chances are, if you have a modern home or have recently undergone a bathroom renovation, you have elongated toilet bowls in your bathrooms.

What is an elongated toilet?

Elongated toilets have larger oval shaped bowls, which offer added seating room, comfort and for many, luxury. The elongated design exhibits a contemporary futuristic style that many people lean towards in a bathroom remodel. There are two main reasons people prefer elongated toilets:

  1. Comfort: The elongated toilet bowl models are typically two inches longer than round toilet bowls. The increased surface area for sitting adds comfort that is typically preferred by tall and larger people. Last year my husband replaced the old round toilet bowl in the guest bathroom with a Jacuzzi® elongated toilet. My husband, at 6’ tall immediately commented on the comfort. I guess the two inches of extra sitting room does make a noticeable difference to taller and larger individuals.
  2. Upgraded Look: “Years ago, elongated toilets were mainly seen in hotels. Now, the elongated style has become popular in newer homes and modern properties. It is considered a luxurious upgraded look” remarks Nick Mahen, Jacuzzi Luxury Bath Senior Product Manager.

“I would speculate elongated now sells more than round. Jacuzzi definitely sells more elongated toilets” states Mahen. Jacuzzi offers a wide variety of elongated toilets styles including:

  • Perfecta Elongated Toilet